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*Please note we are updating our website, and it is under construction. Please contact us if you have any issues locating what you are looking for.*

Welcome to the Office for Faculty!

Located in Academic Affairs and led by Associate Vice President Sarah Projansky, we assist with issues related to all categories of faculty and postdoctoral fellows including:

  1. Office for Faculty Newsletters
  2. COVID-19
    1. ***September 15, 2021 Instructional Guidelines***
    2. Faculty/Instructor Dialogues
    3. Teaching Resources
      1. Contact Tracing Flow Chart
      2. Teaching During the Pandemic: Tips from Across Campus
    4. Resources and Articles
      1. @theU-'New Normal' Brings Hope and Fear
    5. International Travel Restrictions Exception Requests
  3. Hiring
    1. Equity & Inclusion in Diversity Faculty Hiring - September 1, 2021 Memo from SVP Reed
    2. Strategic Hiring & Retention Plan (Updated 10/12/21)
    3. Faculty Hiring Guide (Updated 10/12/21)
    4. Search Committee Training Beta Testing (Updated 10/12/21)
  4. Leaves & Retirements
  5. Reviews (RPT)
    1. CAC Roles & Responsibilities - PowerPoint from 11/2/2021
  6. Faculty & Administrator Support & Training Program (F.A.S.T.)
    1. F.A.S.T. Event Sign-up
  7. Faculty Appointments
  8. General Conflict Resolution
  9. Student and Teaching Resources
  10. Family & Child Care Resources
    1. Additional Parenting Resources

We have several people in our office who are available to help answer your questions:

To make an appointment with Associate Vice President Projansky, please contact Cami Rives, our new Director, Office for Faculty Administration, by email at

If you have questions for the new Assistant Vice President for Faculty Equity and Diversity Myra Washington, please contact her via email at: For an appointment, please contact Tiffany Huber at 801.581.6574.

If you have a question about faculty appointments/epafs, please contact Amy Collins at 801.585.5355.

For questions regarding faculty hiring/PeopleAdmin, please contact Cami Rives at 801.581.8196.

For questions about add comps and Interfolio help, please contact Melissa Dowdle at 801.581.6294.

If you need help with any kind of faculty reviews, academic misconduct, or process questions, please contact Cami Rives.

Questions about University Policy and Rules as well as policy revisions are handled by our new Director, University & Academic Affairs Policy Administration, Trina Rich at 801.581.6690.

Finally, if you are in need of an independent faculty member who provides strictly confidential, impartial and informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services, please contact Maureen Condic.

If you need any kind of assistance, we can always be reached at 801.581.8763.