COVID-19 Pandemic Tenure Clock Extension

Dear Colleagues:

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives, health, and economic well-being of individuals across the world. One consequence of this disruption has been adverse effects on some of our faculty members and their ability to engage in research and teaching activities at the level of excellence and productivity they would normally expect. All of you have our support in these difficult times.

Our process, defined in University Policy 6-311 addresses such extraordinary circumstances for pre-tenure probationary periods, noting:

Extensions of pre-tenure probationary periods may be granted for a period of one or two years . . . when extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the candidate, such as natural disasters or war, have substantially impeded normal progress. The candidate must request such an extension from the department chairperson in writing. The department chairperson, the dean, and the cognizant vice president must concur in granting the extension.

Accordingly, pre-tenure probationary faculty who wish to apply for an extension should complete the COVID-19 Pandemic Tenure-Clock Extension Request Form by December 1, 2020 and file it with either the Office of Faculty (Academic Affairs) or the Office of Academic Affairs and Faculty (Health Affairs). Before doing so, we encourage all faculty to consult with their mentor(s) and department chairs. All one-year requests will be granted routinely.

 We recognize that some career line faculty may have concerns as well.  You are an integral part of our faculty and we are equally committed to you. We encourage any of you who have questions or concerns about reappointment reviews to contact your department chair or dean.

We know these are challenging times, and we all are committed to you and your success. We hope this tenure clock extension option will allow those whose research has been delayed or impaired to pursue their research and scholarship without undue worries about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on tenure processes.

Thank you!

Ruth Watkins, President

Daniel Reed, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Michael Good, Senior Vice President for Health Affairs


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