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Determining Faculty Appointments

Does the person have an appointment?

Ways to tell — The person has been specifically appointed by their department (through Associate Vice President of Faculty office) to be a part of the university faculty. They will show up in the PeopleSoft Faculty System as TEN (tenured), NTK (not tenured, but on track) or NA (tenure ineligible/auxiliary)

Yes No
Use titles of:
Associate Instructor (if mainly teaching)
Research Assoc or Post Doc (if mainly doing research)
(unless a staff classification is most appropriate)

Is the person tenured/tenure-track?

Yes (the “Regular” faculty) No (the “Auxiliary” faculty)*
Use rank alone as the title:

Professor (generally tenured)

Assoc Professor (may or may not be tenured)

Asst Professor (generally on-track but not yet tenured)

Instructor (on tenure track but has credential to finish

before qualifying as Assistant Professor)

Use rank plus one of the auxiliary faculty categories)

Mainly teaching? [rank] (LECTURER)

Mainly doing research? RESEARCH [rank]

Visiting the U. temporarily? VISITING [rank]

Part-time has a primary affiliation in a different dept or off-campus.

ADJUNCT [rank]

Instructional faculty primarily in a practice or clinical context?

Being paid? [rank] (CLINICAL)

Not being paid? CLINICAL [rank]*Auxiliary appointments last for 1 year and faculty must be
reappointed each year after departmental review. Departments
are given the opportunity to easily reappoint these faculty
from a list sent out by the Academic Affairs Office each January.