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Distinguished Professor


The Office of the Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs is requesting nominations for Distinguished Professor. If you have a colleague who is a University faculty member, and meets the following criteria, please submit a nomination. Nominations from all parts of the campus are strongly encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria

Policy and Procedures 6-300 states, “The rank of Distinguished Professor is reserved for selected individuals whose achievements exemplify the highest goals of scholarship as demonstrated by recognition accorded to them from peers with national and international stature, and whose record includes evidence of a high dedication to teaching as demonstrated by recognition accorded to them by students and/or colleagues.” A person should not be recommended to the distinguished professorship unless she/he is a member of the faculty who has completed five years of service at the University of Utah prior to the nomination.

Since the nomination and selection of Distinguished Professors occurs annually and the process is non-prejudicial for those not selected in any year, repeat nominations are permissible up to three years. After three years, the nominee must wait two years before being eligible for re-nomination. Regarding repeat nominations, we encourage nominators to add any additional information to update the file that they deem important for this year’s consideration.

Distinguished Professors List
Distinguished Professor Guidelines


Nominations must be submitted by November 5, 2021, using the Nomination Form.

After completing the nomination form go to the Nomination Submission page and upload the Nomination Form, Curriculum Vitae, and Nomination Letter.

Questions, please email or call 801-581-8661.