As the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (SVPAA) for the University of Utah, I serve as the university’s chief academic officer, with responsibility for the quality of our academic programs and facilities, the success of our faculty and students, and the alignment of campus resources with our priorities and strategic directions. I work closely with President David Pershing, the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, the Deans and Directors of our academic colleges and units, and members of the Academic Leadership Team who assist guiding specific areas of campus activity. Together we form the leadership team of the University of Utah, working with faculty and students to identify our collective aspirations for the University of Utah, and to define and enact a dynamic strategic agenda to advance the campus in:

  • The generation of new knowledge and innovation to address society’s most urgent challenges
  • The education of students prepared for lives as leaders and citizens in the 21st century
  • The extension of knowledge to broader communities through creative outreach efforts

The work of the Office of the SVPAA is made possible by the active involvement of many members of our faculty, student and staff communities in various committees and working groups, as well as in the colleges and academic departments. The collective engagement of so many around a shared agenda of advancing excellence is a powerful force. I am deeply grateful for your efforts, and look forward to working with you in the months ahead.

Ruth Watkins

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

2017 Student Success Annual Report

An executive summary of progress in our aim to improve outcomes for students by providing access and opportunity, increasing the odds for completion, and building an ecosystem for growth.

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