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The Utah Pledge: We pledge to help every student graduate with the support of learning communities, mentors and advisors, a Plan to Finish, and deeply engaged learning experiences.

The most significant benefits of post-secondary education – increased economic and personal wellbeing – are associated with degree completion. University of Utah leaders strive to clear the path for student success in order to transform lives. First-year retention at the university has reached 90 percent, a level comparable to other highly ranked universities across the nation. Our six-year graduation rate has increased steadily over the past five years, and now exceeds 65 percent. And the eight-year graduation rate has also increased, although more slowly, and has now reached 75 percent.

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As part of the University of Utah’s Strategy Refresh and One U initiatives, the Educational Futures Task Force—a group of more than 75 faculty, staff and students—considered what education and learning might look like in five, 10 or 15 years and beyond. Learn more about the university’s vision and guidelines for meeting the needs of a growing and diversifying student population and preparing them for success in a global economy.

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Historically, the libraries have provided the traditional essentials: stacks of books, more than 215,000 scholarly journals, and special collections of rare books. The rapid change in how information is shared, however, has led libraries to re-evaluate what “collection” means over the past few decades and to update their collections to include multi-media, virtual access, and more spaces for collaborative work. Modern demands have also turned them into jacks of all trades—with 3-D printers, video game stations, and devices for checkout (graphing calculators, HDMI cables and GoPro cameras among them).

The Library Futures Taskforce was charged in the fall of 2020 with reviewing how members of the campus community use library resources, gathering input and recommending service changes or new ideas for funding. Their final report's executive summary, released in April 2021, guides how the University of Utah libraries transition.

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