Key Initiatives


Articles relating to the Key Initiatives of Academic Affairs

Educational Futures Key Initiative

Going to college has changed significantly over the past 170 years. Several times. The ways future teachers, engineers, attorneys and doctors travel to the University of Utah’s campus each day; communicate with their professors and each other; and live and work have all changed significantly since the university was founded in 1850. But the fundamentals—scholarly […]

Breathing easily

One of the least appreciated blessings in life is having clean, clear air to breathe. A human can survive without food for days to weeks, without water for days, but only minutes without air. Air sustains us, nurtures us and invigorates us. Yet for all its importance, we rarely think about either the availability of […]

AI, business and the future

A few days ago, I had the opportunity and pleasure to chair a panel on artificial intelligence as part of the David Eccles School of Business Alumni forum at the University of Utah. The panel members were local innovators and entrepreneurs Bassam Salem (CEO, AtlasRTX), Glenn Colby (founder, Invarius) and Keelan Johns (senior director of […]

Building a Connected World

Today’s global economy links us all in deep and important ways. Thanks to instant, inexpensive digital communication, local events can and do have immediate and far-reaching worldwide impacts. At the University of Utah, we believe passionately in building a connected world, one where students from Utah, from across the country and from around the planet […]