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Plan to Finish

In the months ahead, you may hear the phase “Plan to Finish” and see the graphic, below, around campus.

Plan to Finish

The U is joining with other institutions in the state in the shared agenda to increase four- and six-year baccalaureate graduation rates. The U’s Plan to Finish campaign is tailored to the unique talents and needs of our students, with five components:

  1. The New U Student Experience – expanded opportunities for Utah undergraduates to engage in high-impact learning experiences, such as learning communities and capstone experiences
  2. Academic Planning – resources to build adaptable academic plans from the first days on campus
  3. Advising & Mentoring – access to ongoing advising and mentoring as academic plans change and new opportunities arise
  4. Flexible Scheduling – expanded course opportunities to meet student needs and promote completion of 30 hours per academic year, with new scheduling options, such as more summer courses, more hybrid and online options, and weekend course opportunities
  5. Financial Incentives and Awareness – new scholarships designed to reduce students’ work obligations, increased education about economic consequences of protracted time to baccalaureate degree completion

Our Plan to Finish campaign is under the leadership of Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies, Professor Marti Bradley Evans. With her colleagues in Undergraduate Studies, Marti is guiding this project and serving as our liaison with the Utah State Higher Education office. There may be opportunities for you and your unit to engage in the Plan to Finish effort, perhaps by teaching in an alternative format, implementing a new advising model, or adding a capstone experience in your major. We hope that you will be part of this effort in a way that fits your unit, and facilitates the goals of the Plan to Finish initiative.