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The Office of Academic Affairs, through its senior vice president, has primary responsibility for setting the academic focus for the University of Utah and directing and enhancing its mission, both at the undergraduate and graduate/professional levels. The office guides academic and long-range institutional planning, with oversight of academic faculty and staff, budget planning, enrollment management, information resources, and student admissions and retention.

The senior vice president of academic affairs—a position known as a provost at other universities—reports directly to the president as a member of the executive leadership team and actively participates in setting the strategic direction while aligning academic and budget priorities.

Key Initiatives

Value in Higher Education icon

Value in Higher Ed

A core priority for the University of Utah is to lead the nation in delivering value in higher education and medicine. The U is well positioned to lead this critical dialogue because of our success in delivering high quality, affordable education and health care through an ideal combination of quality and cost.

One U Icon

One U

The University of Utah aspires to advance knowledge through cross-campus collaborations that facilitate and support creative approaches to society’s biggest challenges and most pressing problems, from economic inequality to opioid addiction, health care disparities and climate change. The U is rare among its peers in the co-location of a comprehensive research university and a vibrant academic medical center, which positions it to lead scientific research and higher education innovation. The One U vision also ensures wise use of resources while maintaining value and quality.

Global Strategy Icon

Global Strategy

The University of Utah recognizes today’s global economy, interconnected political systems and multicultural societies require a different depth and breadth of understanding than in the past. The U strives to provide opportunities for students and faculty to engage in transformative international partnerships, teaching, research, study and service opportunities that promote intercultural competence and understanding in a 21st century world. Among other global partnerships, the U is a founding member of the Incheon Global Campus in South Korea.

Academic Campus Deans

College of Architecture + PlanningKeith Diaz Moore
David Eccles School of BusinessTaylor Randall
School for Cultural & Social Transformation
Kathryn Bond Stockton
College of EducationElaine Clark
College of EngineeringRichard B. Brown
College of Fine ArtsJohn W. Scheib
Honors CollegeSylvia Torti
College of HumanitiesStuart K. Culver

S.J. Quinney College of LawElizabeth Kronk Warner
Marriott LibraryAlberta Comer
College of Mines & Earth Sciences – Darryl Butt
College of SciencePeter Trapa
Social & Behavioral ScienceCathleen Zick (interim)
Social WorkMartell Teasley
Graduate SchoolDavid Kieda
Undergraduate StudiesMartha Bradley

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